Catering & Restaurant Glassware

Our exquisite strengthened glassware, is ideal for presenting drinks with meals on the table at your restaurant, at the bar or at an event. From wines glasses, to cocktails to beers, we have the ideal Glassware for all.

Whether you're providing glassware for the party of the century, supplying excellent drinks in the best restaurant in town or simply providing something for that special occasion, having high-quality restaurant or catering glassware is a must. Providing scene-setting style, a beautiful finish and timeless shapes, our full glassware range has something suitable for every occasion.

From wine glasses to cocktail tumblers, our restaurant glassware range provides a classic base for your best drinks, the perfect setting for your special cocktails and the ideal receptacle for champagnes, wines and everything in between. Neutral in style, our glassware is suitable for just about any setting or theme, allowing the drinks to speak for themselves and provide all the character you need. From that first glass of wine to the cappuccino or espresso to round the evening off, your restaurant customers can drink the night away in style.

That next big event is nothing without great drinks, and catering glassware is vital for any catering company looking to provide unique cocktails, a toast to the happy couple or even a quality buffet service that matches the feel of the evening. From that delectable dessert to those after party shots, great glassware is all you need to make your evening go smoothly.

At Concept Cuisine, we provide a full range of excellent quality glassware to impress your customers, show off your drinks and desserts in the best possible light and even bring a unique twist to your party's theme or a luxurious vibe to your restaurant decor with decanters, champagne flutes and creative glassware. Whether you're in need of something to show off cocktails, the perfect way to display champagne or the right glass to enjoy a whiskey, our glassware range has it all.

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